Jake Apollo


'Elation' by Jake Apollo feat. Evangeline 
It's an energetic 80's track with the illustrious stamp of Apollo's synthwave signature.
Evangeline adds a powerful vulnerability in her pop vocal melody. The track is quirky and fun as well as honest and relatable. 

50:50 writing collaboration
Full Instrumental: Jake Apollo
All Vocal Parts: Evangeline

Rosie Alexandra


Evangeline has been a live backing vocalist for Rosie Alexandra for 2 years as well as collaborating in the studio in aid to Rosie's writing for her song, 'Leaves' - the final version is pending but the original idea contains Evangeline's written backing vocal sections.

Bath Spa CM Course

201905_evangeline by tony palmer_5846-2.JPG

Evangeline was one of the session singers that
the 'Commercial Music' Course at 'Bath Spa University' asked to sing on their version of 'Ship to Wreck' by 'Florence and the Machine' 



'Doing Fine' 
Evangeline on BV's & Piano

frank and Evangeline have collaborated in studio writing sessions - formulating ideas for frank's upcoming releases.
Finalised ideas are pending; below are some demos of previous ideas

'I'm Right Here' 
Evangeline on Vocals

Beware the Bear


'I'll Be There' was written by 'Beware the Bear' and 'Martha's Man'

Evangeline recorded the pre-written lyrics and Melodies in 2019.